MindMeasures Golf
Your Total Approach to Lower Scores

We help golfers improve their mental game.
This increases your enjoyment of the great game of golf
and keeps your emotions from throwing shots away.

We will assess the strengths and weaknesses of your mental game and provide personalized advice from Michael Anthony, renowned mental golf expert. We also will send you e-copies of Michael's classic books,"The Mental Keys to Improve Your Golf" and "Michael Anthony's Mental Golf Tips." All for only $37.

Ben Crenshaw once said, "I'm about five inches from being an outstanding golfer. That's the distance my left ear is from my right." Crenshaw, one of the best putters in golf history and a two-time Masters winner, recognized that all of his technical expertise meant nothing if he couldn't master his mental game.

Sports psychologists charge a fortune to help you identify your mental strengths and weaknesses. Books and websites cost less, but the advice they offer is one-size-fits-all that does nothing to help you identify your individual challenges. MindMeasures Total Approach offers you the best of both worlds--giving you the personalized evaluation and advice of an expensive sports psychologist for an unbelievably low, "bargain basement" price.

"I was very impressed with how accurate the MindMeasures Golf Assessment was with myself. If it works this well with me, a PGA golf pro, I can imagine how valuable it will be for all golfers! I plan to use it in all forms of instruction that I provide: individual, clinical, and school instruction."

-Kim Kleinle, PGA Golf Pro, Pinecrest Lake Golf Club

The golf industry has tried to convince you that your game will only improve if you buy the latest high-tech equipment, master the most complex techniques, and practice until you drop from exhaustion. DON'T BE HELD HOSTAGE BY THE GOLF INDUSTRY. This multi-billion dollar industry wants to keep you coming back for more...so you can keep pouring more money into their pockets. You don't need another high-tech gadget or more long hours at the driving range. You need a way to get your mind to work for you...instead of against you.

"It's a personalized solution for your mental game...And I highly recommend it. I've been involved in golf for a long time. I stress the mental side to a lot of people. I think we all need it. We all need a little help. I need help. And I need help with my students, so I am going to steer them in this direction. At a small cost, I think it will be a big item to help their game...The reason why I got involved is because I like it; I think it works. It's scientifically validated. Look into this. I really think it will help out."

-James Muschlitz, Head PGA Professional, Southmoore Golf Club
Host of Golf Talk Live, ESPN Radio

Other online approaches may promise to help your mental game, but only MindMeasures Total Approach has a scientifically validated system for unlocking your unique mental traits. This system will help you start improving your game today! Guaranteed!

Our system begins with a fun, easy to take, online questionnaire. In just ten minutes, this questionnaire will unlock the door to the mental habits that are keeping you from playing your best game ever. Imagine, just ten minutes with us can give you insights that you may never uncover without the help of an expensive sports psychologist!

Screen from the MindMeasures Total Approach questionnaire

The moment you finish our online questionnaire, your answers will be evaluated and you will receive a personalized MindMeasures Golf Assessment Report. This Report will tell you the specific mental traits you need to improve to lower your golf score and will include personal instructions on how to improve each trait.

Cover and sample page from an actual MindMeasures Golf Assessment Report

The secret to the success of our system is years of clinical trials and a unique collaboration with clinical psychologists and PGA pros. Our years of collaborative efforts have uncovered the 8 mental traits that are MOST IMPORTANT to golf success. Now you can have the benefit of our system for less than the cost of a single golf lesson!

But wait! That's not all! Not only will you receive our scientifically validated questionnaire and individualized MindMeasures Golf Assessment Report, you also will receive an e-copy of The Mental Keys to Improve Your Golf by renowned mental golf expert, Michael Anthony. This book gives you a step-by-step explanation of how to improve your mental game. It reveals simple but profound mental secrets that will help you lower your golf score!

"As an editor of a golf publication, I have to say that your 'Mental Keys' book is one of the best self-help products that I've ever come across. Great job!"
-Paul Daly, Editor, GolfBoston.com

"We adopted 'The Mental Keys' for our Psychology of Golf class. I have never had so many good comments on a book. Aspiring golf professionals at our school are passing their PGA Playability Test as a result of what they learned in the class through the study and application of your book. I would certainly recommend it to anyone wishing to improve their golf game."
-Kent Brown, Former Director, Professional Golfers Career College

"I teach guys and girls everyday 7 days a week and hardly a lesson goes by where I don't use something from 'The Mental Keys.' Last year my three high school seniors I teach all received golf scholarships. Two of the three won their district tournaments. My senior girl has 15 college golf scholarship offers and again every lesson with her we use some aspect from 'The Mental Keys.'"
-Coach Humphries, Ft. Worth, Texas

Still want more? You've got it! In addition to the online Assessment, personalized Report, and e-copy of The Mental Keys to Improve Your Golf, you also will receive A SECOND Michael Anthony e-book, Michael Anthony's Mental Golf Tips. Together, The Mental Keys and Mental Golf Tips e-books give you the heart and soul of The Mental Keys Unique Mental Training Program. This proven system developed by Michael has been used to successfully train Olympic Gold and Silver medalists and has
helped thousands of golfers at all levels improve their mental game.

Praise from satisfied customers....

"Your 'Mental Golf Tips' should be required reading for anyone who touches a golf club."
- Tom Brown

Your 'Mental Tips' helped me win our club championship! Thanks."
Barbara Smith

"I've already looked at most of your 'Mental Tips' - Superb!"
Steve Davis

Now Michael is working with us to help you! Not only will you receive Michael's TWO e-books, your MindMeasures Golf Assessment Report will include specific advice written by Michael Anthony for you, addressing your unique mental challenges. And your customized Report will direct you to specific sections within Michael's books that will address your individual challenges, as identified in your MindMeasures Golf Assessment Report. Michael Anthony's remarkable books, which cost $39.90 in paperback, are now yours FREE when you purchase a MindMeasures Golf Assessment.

"What a great combo between the 'Mental Keys' and MindMeasures. I will strongly suggest the program to all of my students. Many of my students already use the MK with great success. Now with the assessment from MindMeasures they can pinpoint rough spots in their mental game. For the price, this program is unbeatable and well worth a try...Congrats and thank you for continuously polishing your wheel."
-Vic Wilk, Professional Golfer, NCAA Division II Champion
Instructor, Butch Harmon School of Golf

As if all that wasn't enough, The MindMeasures Total Approach also gives you access to our Affiliation of Golf Teaching Professionals, who are trained by Michael Anthony and the MindMeasures Team. These affiliates are experienced in using the MindMeasures Total Approach, including The Mental Keys Unique Mental Training Program, in their teaching programs. When you take a lesson with them, you will get professionals who know how to help you apply our Total Approach to your mental and mechanical games. If your favorite golf instructor is not a MindMeasures affiliate already, have him or her contact us for an affiliate membership.

And, if you want even more help addressing particularly stubborn mental challenges, The MindMeasures Total Approach offers other Highly Recommended Solutions, including videos, hypnosis MP3s, and more.

What are you waiting for? For only $37, the cost of a dozen good golf balls, you get:
  1. The MindMeasures Golf Assessment, which will measure the 8 mental traits that have been scientifically identified as most important to your golf success;

  2. Your personalized MindMeasures Golf Assessment Report that will explain your Assessment results and help you focus on the specific areas of the mental game that you need to improve;

  3. Michael Anthony's e-book, "The Mental Keys to Improve Your Golf," which gives you a step-by-step explanation of how to improve your mental game and strengthen the weaknesses identified in your Report;

  4. A SECOND Michael Anthony e-book, "Michael Anthony's Mental Golf Tips," that will address specific mental challenges Michael has encountered through his years of training golf professionals'

  5. Other Highly Recommended Solutions to lower your score;

  6. And access to our Affiliation of Golf Teaching Professionals, who will help you apply our Total Approach to Your Mental Game.

So start LOWERING your score today without even practicing

MindMeasures Golf
Your Total Approach to Lower Scores